So many talented creators, so many passionate and curious women… It was from this that the Emma&Chloé Box was born in 2012. A concept created for all women looking for trendy and well-crafted jewelry, to change with the seasons and pair without hassle.

Since then, more and more of you have subscribed to receive jewelry created from the best designers every month, at low prices, directly at your doorstep. And we love sharing in this adventure by your side: getting to know you, learning from your feedback, growing and improving to better meet your expectations and, above all, make you happy.



The story of Emma&Chloé... it's thanks to you that it was able to be written, and it's still thanks to you that it continues to evolve. All these years of listening to your feedback have made us want to create a brand that would reflect our community. A collection of quality, trendy jewelry with many inspirations, created by women for all women: this is the heart of Emma&Chloé.

Since 2017, the collections have complemented each other, constantly changing and being enriched with new designs and materials, customizable pieces and surprising collaborations. Hearing your feedback is the inspiration that drives us, so we created the Box to make sure you could be the first to preview and test our new collections at an affordable price. Every month, you'll receive a new piece of jewelry based on your preferences (gold or silver finish, pierced earrings or clip-ons, etc.). It's then up to you to share your feelings and feedback. As such, you play an integral part in our creative process.

FOR AEC Paris:


Because we know that every woman is different, we've chosen to create jewelry that lets your personality shine through: our nine variations of fine stones offer a spectrum of colors that makes each piece customizable. Our engravable jewelry — necklaces, pendants, bracelets — become unique once marked with your most intimate thoughts. As for most of our rings and earrings, they can be combined endlessly to create the perfect mix & match for you, just like our charms can be stacked on our chains, Creole hoops and bracelets.

Every woman is unique, but we all share the same needs in terms of quality, aesthetics and transparency. This is why our fine jewelry is crafted individually by hand, with prices that remain accessible so you can exchange them, combine them, and gift them over the seasons, however you like.