Since 2017, AEC Paris has been imagining and designing jewelry with sincerity and passion. With each collection, we draw our inspiration from you, from travel, from the past, but also from what we believe will be future trends. Discover more than 300 jewelry pieces, available in a gold or a silver finish, topped or not by semi-precious stones, thin, delicate and sometimes bold pieces.


Although our story together began in 2012, it set outin a new bold direction in 2017 with the birth of our brand, L’Atelier Emma &Chloé! Since then, we have been designing and creating jewelry with sincerityand passion, collection after collection.


Architecture, travel, exhibitions: our designers drawinspiration from everything around them to imagine, design and create. They puttogether mood boards which quickly evolve into sketches and then productspecification sheets. This is how, step by step, our collections come to life!


We adhere to the same quality standards used forhigh-end jewelry designs. We attach great importance to the choice of materials(recycled brass, stainless steel, natural gemstones…) and our partner workshopshave been carefully selected for their expertise and unique know-how!